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Company name Omori Shoten Co., Ltd.

Representative Susumu Omori

Location 〒101-0025

4-11 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Fine Court Akihabara 101

Telephone 03-3863-6414

Established in 1949

Business content

Umbrella handles, parts planning and production, manufacturing and sales of western umbrellas


Yonekichi Omori (died in 1969), the grandfather of the current representative, became independent in December 1923 from a western umbrella wholesaler in Yokoyamacho, Nihonbashi, and started as a textile miscellaneous goods street vendor.

In 1949, with Kichitaro Omori (died in 2000), he turned into a manufacturing industry of western umbrella parts and walking sticks, and established as a corporation.

We have added an umbrella production business, mainly planning and manufacturing Western umbrellas, and are currently developing original products and collaborations with artists.


First generation Yonekichi Omori 

▽Omori Shoten in 1955

▽Kichitaro Omori (left)

▽Omori store until 1996