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<I made a special order umbrella for Kimonoyama>2023.5.17
Photo: Kimono Yamato
We have selected some umbrellas that can be used for both sun and rain, and made a special order color.

It will be handled sequentially at the "Let's wear kimono fair-Let's play cotton" held at all Kimono Yamato stores.

Online store will start selling from 5/26 (Friday). ( embroidered parasol only)

Please see here for details.
A 100-year-old kimono specialty store that has inherited the culture and tradition of the Kimono family and proposed kimonos that are close to new lifestyles.
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< YUKI SHIMANE x Omori store arrival announcement > 2023.5.15
Knitwear and women's wear brand YUKI SHIMANE
I made an umbrella for both rain and shine.
The main body of the umbrella has a rough matte texture, and the back side is made of satin fabric. Originally dyed lily of the valley cotton lace borders.
The fabric is treated with UV water repellent, so it is the size of an umbrella that is easy to use on both rainy and sunny days.
You can choose your favorite handle from 5 types including new ones.
You can see it at the store of Omori Shoten.
Please contact us here if you would like to purchase it by mail order.
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[Notice of free shipping period] 2023.5.3
Thank you for always watching.
For Golden Week, we will deliver free shipping when you purchase from the online store.
Please check how to use it.
《Free shipping period》
5/3 (Wed) 12:00 to 5/6 (Sat) 23:59
▼ shipping
It will be sent out sequentially from 5/8 (Monday).
▼How to use
Product selection → Add to cart → Checkout →
Enter the coupon code [2023gw] in the [Order Details Display/Coupon Code] displayed at the top of the screen.
*Can be used up to once per person.
For Mother's Day gift consideration
Orders placed by 9:00 on 5/12 (Fri) can be shipped on 5/14.
In the remarks column, please specify [Gift wrapping / 5/14 arrival].
For deliveries to Hokkaido, Okinawa, and Kyushu, please place an order in advance.
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<Kurasukoto Omori Shoten × Aona Hayashi>

I made an original product with Kurasukoto .

Photo: Haruki Anami

Illustrator and painter Aona Hayashi 's design is hand-printed to create fabric.

It is made into an umbrella.

It is also available at the Kurasukoto online store and Omori Shoten stores.

See here for details.


In 2005, Yumi Fujita, the head of the group, started the activity of "Living" with the theme of "Finding my own measure" and "Slow life with children" through her own child-rearing days. Based in Fujimigaoka, Suginami Ward, Tokyo, we have developed classrooms, child-rearing squares, cafes, etc., but in 2015 we moved our base of activities to Fukuoka. We are engaged in a wide range of activities such as online stores, planning workshops related to living such as food, body, and child-rearing, publishing books, cafes and miscellaneous goods stores.


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<Notice> 2023.4.10

We have updated our store.

Please see here .