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handle repair handle replacement

The handle is also called the face of an umbrella.
The atmosphere of the umbrella changes completely
Adjust the handle according to your favorite material and umbrella
I will suggest
We accept by visit or delivery
See below for details

Handle type
Including original handles, natural wood such as cold bamboo and cherry blossoms, acrylic,
Wooden products, leather wraps, metals, combinations, etc.
From simple to quirky
We offer a variety of handles
Original handle (from 4,400 yen)
Repair fee
Removal processing fee・ ・2,200 yen - 2,750 yen
Handle fee ・・・ ・・・¥1,100~¥11,000
How to keep
We only accept visits or deliveries*
*Cannot be kept at special events or shops.
Please be sure to check the following when shipping.
Storage period
About 2 to 3 weeks
payment method
cash advance
Delivery method
Handing over after repair is possible only on weekdays, even if it is not a business day.
Weekdays: 10:00-17:00
Saturday: Store business days only
*Please note that we cannot deliver on Sundays, public holidays, or long holidays.
Points to note
Only for handle replacement, we can accept products from other companies.
(Umbrella body repair cannot be accepted for other companies' products)
Click here for Umbrella Repair at Omori Shoten
*Break the attached handle and install a new one.
Ball closures and metal fittings cannot be used depending on the structure of the umbrella and the handle to be replaced.
Stretched natural wood handles and leather-wrapped handles cannot be repaired. We will install a new one.
▼Handle cannot be replaced
・Vinyl umbrella
・Jumping Umbrella (Type that automatically opens when you press the button)
・Umbrella with carbon material for the central rod
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Handle replacement by delivery

For those who find it difficult to come to the store, we will propose a handle that matches the umbrella.
★There are many cases where the umbrella does not arrive even if you contact us.
Sorry to trouble you, but please be sure to include ① and ② together.

①Please send the repaired umbrella to here.

4-11 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Omori Shoten Co., Ltd.

② Please send an email from contact

(We will contact you as soon as the umbrella arrives.)

Please specify your name, zip code, address, phone number, desired shape and material.

③We will send you an image of the proposed handle by e-mail.

A proposal will be sent to you by e-mail about a week after we receive your order.

④ After the handle is decided, we will inform you of the transfer destination

After confirming the transfer, repair progress (about 2 weeks)
*If you have any questions, please contact us before shipping.
* Please bear the round-trip shipping fee and transfer fee.
*Payment method is bank account transfer only.
Please take advantage of it.